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Arts and Media

Music Programs

Band and Orchestra

Band and orchestra are for students in grades four and five. Early in the year, our band teacher, Ms. Tsiknias, and Ms. Elliott, our orchestra teacher, will meet with all fourth graders to introduce them to the instruments available. Students are given a permission slip for parents/guardians to sign. After students have auditioned on three instruments of their choice, an instrument is selected. Schedules will be developed and communicated after school has begun and we know who is enrolled in the program.




George Mason students attend both the Winter and Spring Concerts and other special programs during an afternoon dress rehearsal. It is not necessary for them to return for the evening performance unless they are performing.

Library Media Center

The media center is the "living room" of George Mason. With the many resources (books and other media) available, students and teachers will find materials for their leisure reading and to extend their classroom studies.

Each class visits Ms. Tyler, our librarian, once a week. Children can check out one or two books at a time. New books may not be checked out until all books are returned. Books may be sent back to school at any time; it is not necessary to wait until library day.

Library Hours

8:00 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.

Library Classes

Each class has an assigned weekly library time. Additional library time is available for extra research or to just browse for a new book.

Book Borrowing Policy

Books may be checked out for one week and renewed for as long as needed.

  • Grades K-1 - one book at a time
  • Grades 2-5 - two books at a time

Extra books may be checked out for research.