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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

The following are improvements that have been made to the existing school building. For information and updates about the new school building, see the George Mason Modernization Project page.

Facility Improvements for George Mason Elementary School from July - Sept. 2019

Asbestos Remediation: $80,000
Flooring: $42,000

Total amount spent on modernization projects for George Mason Elementary School between July through Sept. 2019: $122,000.

An additional $19,000 of system wide funds was spent on:

Asbestos Remediation: $10,000
Flooring: $9,000

Targeted Assessment: Comprehensive Condition Audit

In August 2019, ACPS published the results of a targeted comprehensive condition audit of George Mason performed by third party contractors. The auditors found the following issues: Roof Issues, Sewage Ejector System is not Properly Sealed and Missing Pump, Plumbing Fixtures not Properly Physically Sized for Current Age Group, HVAC Classroom Unit Ventilators are controlled manually by a Unit Mounted Toggle Switch, Roof Overflow Scuppers are not Readily Visible for Discharge, Stormwater from Roof Discharges at Foundation Wall.

Read more about the audit of George Mason starting on page 74 (PDF)

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates